Here is a list of “frequently asked questions” we have received from various customers in the past that you may find helpful:

I am a crazy Lego enthusiast with thousands of Lego pieces. Does the BOX4BLOX come in larger sizes?

A: Unfortunately not.  While the BOX4BLOX was designed more as an organizer and storage solution for your average type Lego user, we can assure you mad keen Lego enthusiasts that  you will find the BOX4BLOX invaluable just as sorter.

If you click the link on our Reviews Page above you will see a link to a BOX4BLOX product review, carried out by the guys at the Lego enthusiast web site, Brother-Brick.com.  I am sure this will more than answer your concerns.

Why does the BOX4BLOX not have a handle?

A: The simple answer is that, when the BOX4BLOX is full of Legos, it is quite heavy, so the easiest way to carry it is by picking it up with two hands under the bottom tray.  We can assure you, you will only ever pick it up wrong once!!

While we do have a handle design idea registered it is quite costly to implement and would also detract from the “clean cube look” of the finished product.

We live outside of the continental USA. Can we also order the BOX4BLOX?

A: Yes, you can and it has become even easier now that we are using “Fulfillment By Amazon” .  Initially (up to mid to late 2010),  this will involve Amazon shipping product from the United States, but as from March 2012 the BOX4BLOX will be made in the UK and availalbe exclusively through Amazon in the United Kingdom and hopefully, also France and Germany.

What types of bricks does BOX4BLOX hold and sort?

A: BOX4BLOX is meant for use with Creator™(SystemTM™) scale bricks from the LEGO Company, and similarly scaled bricks from other companies like Mega Bloks®, Rockenbok® and Best-LockTM. It is not meant for use with LEGO Explore™ (Duplo™) or Baby (Primo™) scale toys, which are too large for the sorting trays.

What is the BOX4BLOX made from?

A: The BOX4BOX is made from the same high quality ABS plastic that Lego is manufactured from.

How big is the BOX4BLOX?

A: When assembled it makes a 10¼ inch (260mm) cube

Can you get BOX4BLOX in other colors?

A: Not at this time, but we are presently looking at manufacturing it using clear colored plastic, so you can see the sorting process in action. Again costs come into the equation.

How many blocks can BOX4BLOX hold?

A: Up to approx. 1500 -1800 (1729 based on an actual count from our own kids’ BOX4BLOX), but it is dependent on how many small bricks you have.

How many BOX4BLOX units may I order?

A: With amazon now handling fulfillment, you may order as many BOX4BLOX as you wish

Has it got a money back guarantee?

A: Yes, you are covered by amazon A to Z money back guarantee

Is BOX4BLOX made by the LEGO® Company?

A: No. BOX4BLOX and Simplastix Innovations Ltd are in no way affiliated with the LEGO Group of companies. For more information on the story behind BOX4BLOX, go to our About Us page. To find bricks to fill your BOX4BLOX, visit the official LEGO web site at www.lego.com.

Does BOX4BLOX sort colors?

A: Sorry… no. :)

I have seen the BOX4BLOX in stores in Australia and New Zealand. Are there any stores where I can still buy it?

A: No, we are now selling the BOX4BLOX exclusively online through Amazon.   Unfortunately we do not have any stocks of BOX4BLOX left in New Zealand.  Our only suggestion is that you keep an eye out on sites like Trademe and eBay in these countries , where occasionally one may come available.