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“Totally brilliant – every Lego household needs one!

This is not a toy, it is a lego storage box. It is a fantastic design and makes sorting out the lego fun and easy. You put the lego in the top and shake, it makes a pleasing noise as it falls down and sorts itself out into the different sized trays. So much better than lego all over the floor. I have only had it for a couple of weeks so don’t really know how durable it is so only gave it 4 stars for that as I am not sure how it would hold up if a child sat on it for example but otherwise I can’t fault it. A brilliant idea that works.

C Groves –
Worchestershire, UK

“I found everything to be great. I purchased BOX4BLOX as a Christmas gift. We have a family member that is LEGO crazed and his parents are tired of stepping on them! My guess is he will probably get more than just the one we ordered for him! For what it does, I think that it is a great value for the money. Payment was very easy to use and UPS delivery is great….have never had any problems with them. My experience with customer service was good. The web page was easy to follow and use. Good luck with your business!”

- T. Jarvis

“Very fast shipment! I ran across your site by accident while searching for something else. It will be a Christmas present, so my husband hid it in the attic as soon as it arrived. Very good idea!! Thanks!”
- K. Kanrich

“Thank you for your great invention. My transactions with your company went perfectly. UPS operated in a timely fashion. When my boys received these boxes they were delighted by how fast they could sort their pieces and love the storage. I have no complaints. It is a pleasure doing business with you!”
- A. Rosemeyer

“I appreciate your sincerity and respect for your customers. In an age where customers sometimes feel taken advantage of, badgered and given poor customer service, I found that your e-mail was refreshing. I received my purchase within a few days – thank you! It was well-packaged. It will be a Christmas gift for my nephew. I have told others about your product and even used the “email a friend” feature of your website. Thank you and good luck. I will definitely order again when my son is old enough to need one too!”
- P. Pogline

“Customer service and delivery was great and I did pass on the descriptive card to a prospective customer. Thanks for making a good product.”
- B. Morris

“I wanted to let you know that my experience with the whole procedure of purchasing the BOX4BLOX has been fabulous. I happened to stumble upon your website, had known nothing about it before. Looked at the website, read all about it and thought it was a fabulous idea. So therefore, your website for me was great! I received my package just as you had said and everything was perfect. The boxes that the product came in were really sturdy so needless to say, the product was completely untouched. This BOX4BLOX was exactly what I had expected. The construction of the box was perfect and as to how the LEGO worked in the box was very impressive also. You have sold me on this little unit. Very clever! I wish that I would have thought of it myself! Great job! I wish you the highest success! If you ever need anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me again. I would be more than happy to say how pleased I am with the BOX4BLOX.”
- L. Blaskay

“I was extremely pleased with the immediate response to my order. It arrived quickly and the packaging was appropriate. I have NO complaints. I am giving this as a gift to my son for Christmas. I have been telling parents of LEGO lovers about this box. Only wish I had thought of it.”
- L. Niederhofer

What a fantastic product! When I think of the hours I would’ve spent over the years trying to keep my kids’ blocks in some semblance of order, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.”
- S.R., Melbourne, Australia

“I believe it when you say that BOX4BLOX was invented by a mother, only a mother could think that practical! Talk about the great inventions being the simple ones!”
- H.F., Sydney, Australia

“I just had to email and tell you! My mother-in-law has just visited and she was so impressed with the BOX-4BLOX that she made me go online and order 14 of them for each of her grandchildren for Christmas gifts!”
- M.S., Hamilton, New Zealand

“Congratulations on a great product! I’m not naive enough to realise it will last forever, but since we’ve had the BOX4BLOX, my kids seem to actually enjoy tidying up their LEGO. Unbelievable!”
- J.P. Gold Coast, Australia

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