The Bragging Mom Blog Rates The BOX4BLOX Lego Organizer “Totally Bragworthy” –

Mom Blog “The Bragging Mom” Rates BOX4BLOX As The Perfect Way to Organize and Store Your Legos

The Bragging Mom - Logo ImageThe Bragging Mom is a popular Mom Blog run by a group of five enthusiast Moms who are dedicated to providing their readers with the best in reviews, features and giveaways and bragging about products that they think are “fabulous”, or in their words totally “bragworthy”.

We knew the BOX4BLOX would be a hit with www.thebraggingmom .com, as it provides a simple and efficient solution to problem experienced in nearly every family home and exactly the type of product that they like to promote to their vast database of loyal readers of their blog.

BOX4BLOX was voted Best New Home Organizing Product of the Year”  at the national conference of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and has received excellent recognition in many other Mom blog reviews.

As you can imagine, as a small entrepreneurial company using the Internet to take our invention to the world, we were thrilled when they contacted us directly wanting to review the BOX4BLOX on the web site.

Expanding Lego Storage from Box4Blox

Click The BOX4BLOX To See The Video

Click the BOX4BLOX image to the right and watch the video and see why Moms everywhere love the BOX4BLOX

As you will see,  the BOX4BLOX utilizes an age-old principle of grading the Legos through a series of trays with different sized grids, so they end up in a tray with similar sized blocks.  This effectively means that there is no need to tip all the blocks all over the floor, as the Legos can be easily found from the individual trays, especially those hard to find small parts.

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