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Automatically Sorts
Your Legos By Size

All the large pieces stay
in the top yellow tray
with the large grid
All the medium to large bricks
are sorted into the blue tray
with the medium sized grid
All the small to medium sized
Legos end up in the red tray
with the small grid
All those hard-to-find
little bits and pieces end up
in the bottom green tray

If You Are Sick Of That LEGO DISASTER ZONE You’ll Love the BOX4BLOX!

  • No More Standing On Stray Legos Left all Over The Floor
  • No More Trouble Finding Those Hard to Find Little Pieces
  • No More Scratching Through the Dust Bag
  • No More Losing Parts From Expensive Lego Sets
  • No More Lego Mess all Over The Floor
  • 10¼ Inch Cube — Holds approx. 1600 Lego Pieces
  • High Quality ABS Plastic (same plastic Lego uses)
  • Over 100,000 BOX4BLOX Sold