Lego Storage Ideas And Solutions For Every Lego Home

Lego Storage Ideas and Solutions For Getting Rid Of That Lego Disaster Zone Off The Floor ONCE AND FOR ALL

By Moira Botherway – Mother of Four and Inventor of the Lego Storage Idea -  BOX4BLOX

BOX4BLOX Lego Storage Solutions

BOX4BLOX Lego Organizer
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I can appreciate you asking yourself why on earth, as the inventor of the BOX4BLOX I would bother writing an article promoting other Lego storage idea and solutions but, the truth is, I also realize that every household is different and every family has varying amounts of Lego bricks, which requires different Lego storage organization ideas.

I don’t think anyone will question that Lego has to be the best toy ever made?   Heck, everyone loves LEGO with its ability to inspire our kids and generally getting them thinking outside the square in their quest to design and build their own Lego creations, and not to mention keeping them entertained for hours on end.

But let’s face it, from a parent’s perspective, as much as we love the stuff, these pesky little bricks can also be a real pain in the butt (or should that be foot).   What is it about them, no matter how hard you try there is always expensive Lego pieces left on the floor somewhere waiting to disappear up the end of the vacuum cleaner, or to ambush that unsuspecting tender under-side of an adult foot!

Why does this happen, well the question that needs to be asked first is:

Why the heck does Lego makes so much mess?


The answer when you analyze the problem is really quite simple:  Lego sets are made up of lots and lots of varying sized little pieces, with the smallest being VERY small.   For anyone to find these very small pieces they have to spread all their Lego bricks out over a single layer on the floor in order to find the pieces they are looking for.

Okay, I know this is going to sound like a bit of a self serving plug for the BOX4BLOX, but below I have outlined a list of the different Lego storage ideas and solutions that are out there on the market for storing Lego bricks:

  • Swoop Bags and Lay-N-Go activity mats
  • Iris 3 & 6 drawer organizers and Minifig storage case
  • Neat-Oh ZipBin Toy Bag and play mats range
  • Extra large storage boxes that look like a Lego brick
  • Large minifig storage heads

Plus, there is a multitude of other suitable Lego storage containers and Lego organizers available, like Lego activity tables, Lego storage boxes, buckets, bins, trays and other Lego storage ideas.

However,  while these products are all great looking Lego storage containers when it comes to storing and organizing Lego bricks,  they would not be what you would readily call, great “Lego storage ideas”.  In most cases with these products, just like with a normal bucket or a simple box, the Lego bricks still have to be tipped out on the floor, in order to find the small Lego pieces.

This being the case, my personal recommendation,  if you have around 1500 -1800 Lego bricks you will likely find the BOX4BLOX will provide the ideal Lego storage ideas for your requirements, or maybe two BOX4BLOX if you have up to 3000 Lego pieces in your house.

However, with four children we did end up with an awful lot of Lego and it was the combination below that I found provided the best Lego storage ideas in our house.

The Perfect Lego Storage Idea Combo

IRIS LEGO 6-Case Workstation and Storage Unit with 2 Base Plates

LEGO 6 Case Workstation
12.2 x 14.6 x 24.6 inches

My best Lego storage solutions recommendation for the average family home would be to purchase one BOX4BLOX, in conjunction with a storage organizer like the Iris  6 drawer Lego organizer, shown to the right.

This way you can easily use the BOX4BLOX to separate out all the large and specialized Lego pieces from each individual set and store them in one of the labelled drawers of the Lego workstation.

The BOX4BLOX can then be used to store all the generic Lego bricks, with all the small bricks and  little  pieces in the bottom tray.

My only other recommendation would be to get one of those clear plastic page folders to keep all the different sets building instructions


Peter & Moira Botherway - New Zealand Inventors of BOX4BLOX

Peter & Moira Botherway – Kiwi Inventors of BOX4BLOX

Moira and Peter Botherway are the inventors of BOX4BLOX.  They and their four children reside in New Zealand, however they manufacture their BOX4BLOX invention in the the United Kingdom and in the United States.

Read their story here

The BOX4BLOX is marketed and sold exclusively online through Amazon and orders distributed to customers in both markets, via the Amazon FBA service.   This includes customers in the European Union, via Amazon UK and Amazon in Germany.

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