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Lego Storage Boxes and Bins Make Great Lego Storage For Adult Fans of Lego ( AFOL) and Lego Enthusiasts 

In our home, while we seemed to have an awful lot of Lego, it was really not what could be called an exorbitant amount of Lego, but with four kids I suppose we did end up with a little more Lego around the house than the average family.

Prior to inventing the BOX4BLOX we used to use a Lego storage box which was one of those  large translucent plastic storage containers on wheels.    The problem was of course that all the tiny pieces went to the bottom of the Lego bin, so invariably everything was upended all over the floor.  

That being said, I did find the same sort of Lego bin great for the younger kids Lego Duplo storage though, because with the larger bricks, the kids could easily find the blocks directly from the plastic storage box, without ending up with Lego mess. 

However, as mentioned in other pages and posts on this web site, there are some Lego fans and enthusiasts that have huge Lego collections, in the many thousands and in extreme case 100,000 pieces.

In order to keep these large collections organized, these Lego fans have some very elaborate Lego storage systems, with it not being uncommon for entire rooms dedicated to storing their Lego collection, and they really do have to keep their collections organized by storing them in larger Lego storage boxes and bins.

As you can see by the image below it is not uncommon with these fans to see Lego bins or boxes dedicated just for one type of bricks, or even one type of brick of one particular color.












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At the bottom of this page I have provided links through to our sister Toy Storage Tips web site, where you can see the various Lego storage bag ideas that are available. On these pages I have researched online and provided you with a collection of product descriptions, images, product reviews, and online videos and where to go online to buy the best toy storage bags for your own kids' Lego.