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Kiwi Mom of Four  Inventor of BOX4BLOX

About the Author Kiwi Mom of Four - Inventor of BOX4BLOX - read story here...

Lego Storage Tips is an authority blog highlighting all the latest and best Lego storage tips, ideas and solutions for organizing and storing Lego bricks in your home.

As you can see above,  I have categorized the LEGO Storage Tips blog into four basic Lego storage options:

You will also see there are a lot of other great Lego storage and organization systems available that are suitable for, not only for Legos, but in most cases for just about every other type of toy you may have in your home.

box4blox_lego_messWhy Lego storage?.... ,  Well let's face it, we all love our Lego bricks.  However, as we all know, from a parent's perspective, keeping those pesky little plastic bricks organized can be a real pain, and I don't just mean when we stand on that piece that gets left on the floor!!

As a Mom of four kids myself, I am more than aware of these Lego hassles.  In fact, so much so that, as you can see,  my husband and I have invented our own Lego storage solution, called BOX4BLOX.

The BOX4BLOX works using the same sorting concept as a coin sorter, grading Lego parts by size, into trays with similar sized pieces.

Click the BOX4BLOX video in the right side bar to see it it in action.   

You can also read our story here, where you will see that, while we live in New Zealand, we manufacture the BOX4BLOX in the United States, where we sell it exclusively online, through Amazon.

Okay, I can now hear you saying,

Why the heck, if you are the inventor of the BOX4BLOX,
why on earth are you promoting other Lego storage ideas?

Well, the reason is that everybody's Lego storage organization needs are completely different.   They vary from young kids starting our with their first Lego Duplo sets, which they slowly build up over the years, as they move graduate through the various Lego phases.

Lego Storage CabinetThese include from Duplo, to the early Lego basic sets and Lego themed sets, like Lego Minecraft, Lego Friends, and the always popular Lego Star Wars sets, on to the more intricate Lego robotics sets, like Lego Technics and Mindstorms phase.

In fact with Lego, it doesn't even stop there, finishing with the huge Adult Fan of Lego (AFOL) Lego enthusiast community, where some members are known to have Lego collections in the hundreds of thousand pieces.

I know I may be a little biased, but the fact is, in nearly every case, no matter how you end up storing your kids' Lego, when it comes time to playing with their Lego, they end up having to tip them all over the floor. 

So, one of the primary reasons I have compiled this blog highlighting Lego storage and organizational ideas, is because:

No matter how many Lego bricks you have, or how you may store and
organize your Lego collection, you will find the BOX4BLOX invaluable for helping you find the pieces you are looking for and keeping your Lego sets intact

In fact read some of the BOX4BLOX product reviews here from our Mom customers, plus for you mad keen Lego adult enthusiasts with thousands of Lego bricks, there is an excellent product review carried out by the popular adult Lego enthusiast web site,, highlighting the benefits of the BOX4BLOX  .  Click here to read their review

Below, and on the other pages from the Lego Storage Tips drop down menu above, you will see that I have categorized my simple Lego storage strategy, based on four basic solutions for Lego storage organization.

Organized Kids E-Z Solutions For Clutter Free LivingThis simple toy storage system was something I learned from a book called Organized Kidz E-Z Solutions for Clutter Free Living, by professional organizing strategist Debbie Williams from Houston, TX, which also just happened to feature the BOX4BLOX on the front cover.

The beauty of practicing these four simple toy storage concepts, you will be able to easily control, not only Lego mess, but also toy clutter in every room in your house where you store the kids toys, be it garage, closet, play room, or their bedrooms.

As you can see I have included a sign-up form to the right column, where you can receive the latest toy storage tips and news in our monthly newsletter, and also where I will be announcing the winner of the FREE BOX4BLOX in our monthly giveaway to one lucky subscriber.

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