BOX4BLOX Makes Indie Merchant Holiday Gift Guide Indie Merchant Holiday Gift Guide Badge

Gift Idea For Kids, the official web site of Entrepreneur Magazine, featured the BOX4BLOX Lego storage organizer in their Indie Merchant Holiday Gift Guide category offering great gift ideas for kids.

In support of the thousands of local manufacturers and  independent merchants, artists and designers that make their own niche one-of-a- kind products, Colleen DeBaise, the special projects director at has compiled a list of great gift ideas in their Indie Merchant Holiday Gift Guide.

“Indie” (short for independent) is a word that was originally associated with the music industry, where artists bypassed the major labels and marketed and promoted their music themselves.  However with the growth of the marketing power Internet, “indie” is a word that is becoming very much in vogue for a lot more industries. These days, the Internet now makes it possible for every small independent manufacturer to sell their products directly to their target market, effectively bypassing the traditional retail distribution channels.

In compiling this year Indie Merchant Gift Guide, Colleen and her staff pored over hundreds of submissions from independent merchants and chose these items for their uniqueness, value and function — plus liking the story behind them.  Their top picks were made in 10 categories: pets, jewelry, kids, quirky, food, eco-friendly, beauty, practical, apparel and sports, with all items priced under $50.

The BOX4BLOX Lego storage organizer was selected in second position in the Kids Gifts category in Entrepreneur Indie Merchant Holiday Gift Guide.

Here are some of Colleen’s comments regarding the selection process

It was a tough job to narrow down our top picks in the “kids” category, given all the cute ones we received when we asked for submissions for this year’s Indie Merchant Holiday Gift Guide.

Our entrepreneurial entrants ranged from parents to elementary-school teachers to even a 13-year-old (who made the final cut). Their inventions are clever, thoughtful and often adorable — basically, all the things we look for ourselves when picking out gifts for the kiddos in our lives.

Click here to read the article featuring the Top Ten Kids Gift Ideas that were featured in the Indie Merchant Gift Guide

The BOX4BLOX is an innovative and simple solution for organizing children’s Lego bricks.  It works by grading the bricks through a series of different sized grids, effectively sorting them into four different sizes, with all the hard to find little pieces ending up in the bottom tray.

Click here to watch the video of the BOX4BLOX in action.

The BOX4BLOX is made in the United Kingdom and the United States and is sold exclusively through and  To order the BOX4BLOX from Amazon,  CLICK HERE to go to the order page .

Colleen DeBaise, is the author of The Wall Street Journal Complete Small Business Guidebook, and previously served as the Journal’s small-business editor. She has also covered entrepreneurship at BusinessWeek and SmartMoney.  Colleen is a regular guest expert on television and radio, and has appeared on MSNBC, Fox Business News, CNBC, CBS and NPR.


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