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20 Ashmore Crescent, Warkworth, 0910, New Zealand.


Telephone: +64 9 4223170 (NZ)

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  • Virginia

    Pam Fitzgerald, Bristow, Virginia
    It arrived yesterday and my 7-yr. old son couldn’t wait to start sorting his blocks. I made him do his homework first. Just like the testimonials I read on your web page, he was at it for an hour–what a great trick to have him clean up!
  • Arizona

    Stacy Leimbach, Redwood City, CA
    “I think the BOX4BLOX is great. We have put LEGO into them and it has made it easier for my son to find the pieces he was looking for. He still had to sort through the pieces but because more according to size,"
  • Nebraska

    Theresa Mumaugh, Seward, Nebraska
    I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for this ingenious box. We just got it today and within minutes my sons 1000+ Lego’s are picked up and organized. No more middle of the night screams when I step on one.
  • California

    Jolinda Curtin, Corona, CA
    Our boxes arrived last week and my grandson is DELIGHTED with it. Clean-up is much more fun and he loves being able to find the brick he needs. Thank you for your fine product!
  • More Happy Lego Parents

    Ann Flaherty, Cincinnati, Ohio
    We purchased two of your boxes for our daughters two boys and their legos. The boxes have been received by our daughter and she writes to me today saying the “boxes are awesome and will make cleanup so much quicker and easier”. Just thought you might like to have a confirmation.

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