AAAAArgh! – Exactly Why Stepping On A Lego Brick Hurts

by box4blox

Long Awaited Scientific Report Finally Reveals Why Stepping On A Lego Brick Actually Hurts… Yes Really!!!

The question is, is the use of the “word” AAAAArgh! above to depict the pain you feel when you stand on a Lego brick, or the fact that someone has spent time and money to actually do an in-depth scientific analysis to help explain the phenomenon!!

Why stepping On A Lego Brick HurtsAmerican Chemical Society

Okay every kid loves Legos, but let’s face it as parents, with their penchant for being left all over the floor, these pesky little colorful bricks are the bane of our lives.

You know what I mean?.. It’s not only the fact that pieces get lost from expensive Lego sets; or the searching through the vacuum cleaner dust bag; or the frustration of the kids not being able to find the pieces they are looking for.

But I am sure we all agree, the most frustrating and painful thing that we hate most about these popular pesky little plastic bricks, is the way they seem to lay in ambush to attack the tender underside of our adult feet when we least expect it.

There will be no denying that, as parents of Lego loving kids, we have all experienced the excruciating pain of stepping on a Lego brick left on the floor, which invariably produces this sound.

Stepping_on_Lego_4You will also be interested to know, according to an article on the web site, it shows that the US Government provides over 60 billion dollars to non defense research and development funding. Click here for more info.

I mention this because, I just hope the people at The American Chemical Society have not utilized any of these public funds to enable them to carry out and produce their report and accompanying video, to finance their in-depth research into the previously un-researched “scientific phenomenon”, as to why:

“It Hurts Your Feet When You Step On A Lego Brick”

Yes, unbelievable as it sounds, this really has happened.  Just think, after watching this great breaking video, you will actually be able to have a much better understanding of why you suffer pain in the underside of your foot,  the next time you stand on that stray piece of Lego as you sneak out to the fridge in the middle of the night.

Watch This Ground Breaking Scientific Video Now – American Chemical Society

So there you have it:  now you understand the scientific reasons and have a sound understanding of all the interesting facts about: nociception and nociceptors; C-Fibres and A-Delta Fibres;  neurotransmitters and withdrawal reflex; ABS plastic and teropolymers and the fact we have over 200,000 sensory receptors in the underside of each foot.

The question is, will all this knowledge help ease the pain next time you step on that stray Lego brick.

Ironically, all this time and money could have been easily saved, by just pointing out a very simple solution.  That being, in order to minimize the chances of standing on the Lego brick in the first place, it is just a case of by asking the kids to tidy up their Legos when they have finished playing with them.

Okay, I can hear you saying “Yeah right, what planet are you living on”.

But I can tell you there is actually an easier way:

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