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Lego Slippers

No Need For Lego Slippers With BOX4BLOX

by box4blox
If You Have a BOX4BLOX Are These Fancy New Lego Slippers Really Necessary?   No doubt, over the next few days, you will be hearing about these new fan-dangled Lego slippers that are supposed to keep the bottom of your feet protected from those pesky sharp Lego bricks that get left on the floor. The world’s media are awash with stories about these supposed break through Lego slippers invention to rid the family home of this universal problem. The problem is, for those of you that have…
Best Kids Xmas Gift Idea Made in USA - BOX4BLOX

2015 Top 10 Made In USA Kids Gift Ideas For Christmas

by box4blox
Where Have All The Great Made In USA Kids Gift Ideas Gone? The sad thing about trying to compile this list of “Made in USA Kids Gift Ideas” is just how hard it is actually becoming to actually find toy companies that are still manufacturing their products in the United States. All the major toy manufacturers like Mattel, Lego, Hasbro, Fisher Price , Playmobil etc,  have long ago moved their manufacturing operations to take advantage of cheap sweat shop labor in Asia to try and appease…
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Why Is It Adult Fans Of Lego Hate LEGOs ?

by box4blox
Open Apology To Adult Fans of Lego For Using The Term “LEGOs” To Promote The BOX4BLOX We are the inventors of the BOX4BLOX, an innovative sorter and storage box for organizing Lego bricks and parts by size, that works by grading Lego bricks through a series of grids, similarly to how a coin sorter sorts coins. The purpose of this post is to provide an apology and explanation to Lego enthusiasts and adult fans of Lego that take umbrage against our use of the term “Legos” instead…