BOX4BLOX Lego Organizer Also Great For K’nex Construction Sets

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Popular Houston based Mom blog,, recent review of the BOX4BLOX Lego organizer, reveals that when it comes to helping find those pesky small parts of construction sets, it is not only Legos that  it works great for, but also the popular ” Made in USA”  K’Nex  construction sets.

Nothing is more frustrating for kids than trying to find those  small parts of plastic construction sets and nothing is more frustrating from a parent’s perspective than buying these sets for the kids only for the kids to end up losing an expensive integral piece from their latest Lego or K’Nex construction set.

The Lego sorter invention, BOX4BLOX, was specifically designed for organizing Legos, by sorting them through a series of four trays with different sized grids, but product reviewer Barb Webb, was pleasantly surprised to find the BOX4BLOX was just as effective at sorting out those hard to find bits and pieces from her kids’ K’Nex construction sets, as it was for their Lego sets.

Here is some of what Barb says in her product review

“BOX4BLOX is a smart storage solution for Lego (and I found that it works well with K’NEX, too,) that automatically sorts blocks by size.  The 10 ¼ inch cube is comprised of four stackable trays with grids that filter building block pieces from large (top tray) to smallest (bottom tray.)  The trays can then be separated to view and use pieces.”

“Box4BloxTranslation: easy-peasy presto magic Lego organization in a colorful box!”

“My boys loved loading their Legos into the BOX4BLOX and watching as the pieces filtered down (a process that occurs when the box is shaken gently.)  In fact, they enjoyed it so much, after they finished sorting their blocks, they dumped all the pieces out and did it again.  BOX4BLOX certainly makes organization and clean-up time fun.”

“From a mom perspective, I love that the BOX4BLOX cube is constructed of the same sturdy material as Legos, is easily transportable, takes up very little space, and offers an ingenious solution to keeping Legos (and K’NEX) neat and separated.”

To read Barb’s full BOX4BLOX product review at please CLICK HERE

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