Are You Are Looking For a LEGO Storage Solution And A Better Way For Organizing Legos In Your Home?

Yes.. well let us introduce you to our
award winning Lego storage invention
that makes organizing your Lego so simple, you will be asking yourself..

"Why the heck do it take so long for someone to think of this?"


    I am Moira Botherway and my husband Peter and I are the inventors of BOX4BLOX. We are also parents of four kids, so needless to say over the years we have accumulated a lot of Lego in our home.

    I think we all agree there is no better toy ever made than Lego and I don't think any parent would question its education value, with it responsible promotion of creativity in generations of children throughout the world for over fifty years.

    However, also as a parent, with the way Legos end up strewn all over the floor,

    "keeping Legos organized and tidy
    can also be a real pain in the butt !!"

    I am sure you can all relate to the scene above, in fact the BOX4BLOX was invented as a direct rest of all the kids' Legos being tipped all over the floor, minutes after I had spent over an hour sorting them into two of those multi partitioned sewing boxes that I had just paid over $50.00 each for, at a tupperware party.

    "finding suitable lego storage was driving me crazy!!"

    Let's face it:

  • How many hours have you or the kids spent searching through that pile of Lego on the floor, searching for that little hat for your minifig, or headlight for your Lego Starwars spaceship
  • How many times have you stood on that stray piece of LEGO left on the floor?
  • How about the number of times you have had to scratch through the dustbag to retrieve that Lego brick that just rattled up the end of the vacuum cleaner?
  • Don't you just hate it when you buy an expensive set of Lego Star Wars, Lego Mindstorms, or other popular Lego set and the kids end up losing an important piece?

I asked myself, why the heck is it so messy?
Why does it end up spread all over the place?

Well, if you have a child that loves playing with Legos, but hates clean-up time, then you have come to the right place, as we want to introduce you to our great new invention that we guarantee will:

"help you get rid of that Lego Disaster Zone
off the floor once and for all!"

This is why, when you see the video below and how simple our invention works, you will understand why Moms and Dads everywhere love our product and how

"BOX4BLOX makes organizing Legos a real breeze"

Here's what one of our many customers have been saying about the BOX4BLOX:

"Just wanted to let you know that the box4blox is everything we were told by friends and more! Just recommended it, and gave your web address out to a stranger in Toys-r-Us. My kids think it's the greatest, coolest thing they've ever seen for storing their legos, and love being able to (finally) see all the little heads and hairdos and hats. Thanks! "

Julie Fishman, Fort Lauderdale


Already voted "Home Organizing Product of the Year" at the National conference for the National Association of Professional organizers in Chicago, the BOX4BLOX has also received numerous excellent product reviews and awards, like the one below from The Toy Man®

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"THE TOY MAN" review online

So Firstly The Question.

Why is Lego so messy?...

The Simple Answer:

Because its hard to find the little bits and pieces

That's right, when you think about it, in order to find the little headlight, or hat, or other tiny piece you are looking for, you have to search through all the bricks, which means you have to spread them all over the place to find the pieces you are looking for.

BOX4BLOX works so simply you will think it is magic!

BOX4BLOX works by simply sorting the Legos through a series of trays with different sized grids, which means the blocks are graded into a tray with similar sized blocks.

This means, the Lego pieces can be easily found from their individual trays, especially those hard-to-find little bits and pieces that end up in the bottom tray, which means...

....there is no need to tip them out all over the floor because all the Lego is automatically sorted by size

view showing Lego sorted and organized in trays

...all the large Lego pieces and base plates stay in the top yellow tray with the large grid....

...the medium to large blocks end up in the blue tray with the medium sized grid....

...the medium to small bricks end up in the red tray with the small grid

..and all those hard-to-find tiny pieces end up in the bottom green tray

BOX4BLOX is manufactured with high quality ABS plastic, which is the same plastic, Lego is made from. When assembled, with the four trays and lid, it forms a 10¼ inch cube that holds approximately 1500 - 1700 Lego bricks.

Watch the video - see the BOX4BLOX in action

As you can see:.

  • No more trouble finding those hard-to-find small pieces
  • No more scratching through the vacuum cleaner bag
  • No more losing parts from expensive Lego sets
  • No more standing on stray pieces of Lego left on the floor
  • No more Lego mess all over the floor

Turns this....

Lego mess in kids room ...into this

lego tidy in kids room

Over 90,000 BOX4BLOX Sold Worldwide
and now Made in the USA

Available Exclusively Online

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12 Month Money Back Guarantee

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BOX4BLOX article by Debbie Williams in Womans Day magazine

Womans Day Magazine
Order in the House:
Child's Bedroom and Closet -
Favorite organizing tool: Box4Blox (, plastic stacking trays for sorting and storing small plastic building blocks. "Put building block pieces in the top tray, give it a shake and presto, they're organized!" she says.

Debbie Williams
Professional Organizer and Author

Atlanta, GA


My oldest grandson loves Lego and the number of containers his mother had purchased still didn't help him keep the sizes separate. He has thrown the old containers away and told his mother the others were no good, these are great.
He can find any size he wants now and has a ball cleaning up. Thank-you so much for coming up with a super idea!

- Janice Nevills
gramma to 4 boys
Chula Vista, CA


Just wanted to let you know that the box4blox is everything we were told by friends and more! Just recommended it, and gave your web address out to a stranger in Toys-r-Us. My kids think it's the greatest, coolest thing they've ever seen for storing their legos, and love being able to (finally) see all the little heads and hairdos and hats. Thanks!

Julie Fishman, Fort Lauderdale




All of our evaluation members for Box4Blox had an immediate reaction of laughter when we looked at the FUNCTIONALITY category for Box4Blox. Box4Blox is unique unto itself with such an ingenious design and maximum potential in functionality. While many other products have a good level of functionality in their design, Box4Blox pushes them off the shelf with the incredible balance of price, function, and size, all wrapped into one package. Box4Blox proved itself all too well in this category with a perfect score.



Rating Level 5

As stated earlier in the consumer evaluation, we took Box4Blox to a specialist in plastics who has been working in the industry for over 20 years. According to his evaluation, Box4Blocks is built with a specific type of plastic which has some flexibility and would require a very strong amount of force to break it. Even then the type of plastic used does not have specific density to become a risk from shards of the plastic if broken. The final analysis of our evaluation of Box4Blox in this category was a rating of 5 out of 5.




Rating Level 5

The Cost Benefit for Box4Blox is quite simple to determine. When you look at the MSRP of the product, and then consider the functionality of the product, it is simple to establish that Box4Blox is a magnificent product which earns the highest score possible in this category.



Rating Level 4

When it comes to visual appeal, Box4Blox was on the borderline of above-average and perfect. It has a shape which draws immediate attention from most people and kids alike. In our consumer hands-on evaluation, Box4Blox proved to be an above-average product in regard to visual appeal, yet still falling short of a perfect score in this category.. When you combine the scoring from our own evaluation and the consumer feedback, Box4Blox had what it takes to capture the attention of many as stated earlier but simply was not strong enough to pull a perfect score in this category.






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